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wo0's First Photo Contest

Back in April I announced my first photo competition and I never expected it to be so well received!

The aim of the photo contest was to help people who are building their personal brand to post on a Saturday and get more engagement.

I found that when I posted on the weekend my engagement went through the roof and I wanted to share the love with my followers.

I posted out the below visual and told people to add the hashtag #wo0photochallenge to the photo they took relating to the prompt I gave them.

Every single week people posted their photos over LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

More and more people got involved every week and honestly, my heart was swelling with pride and love.

They didn't just add photos, they added copy, they added emotion, and they made themselves vulnerable which was a beautiful thing to see.

So if you took part, thank you.

If you didn't, wait for the next one!!!

wo0 x

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