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I have 18 years of experience working with events, including festivals, raves, company events, weddings, birthday parties, and club nights. 


I have a lot of festivals on my resume, including Boomtown, Creamfields, Global Gathering, SW4, and many more, but my days waddling through mud are over - even though I miss screaming with thousands of people and worrying about the loo queue. 

Nowadays I am available for glamorous, quirky, and fun events where I help you capture the moment and the energy within the space. Mingle, dance moves, brim-filled pints and flutes of prosecco, speeches, and people ready for a good time - I’ll be there to shoot it all! 

I love a dance floor - the heat, the darkness, and the energy. The feeling of being unstoppable. And I will make sure that the pictures take you straight back there; to the music, the intensity, and bodies moving together in euphoria.

As an event photographer, I focus on capturing a good time and making sure all the guests feel great about themselves. I will be there to make everyone laugh and will naturally move with the group. Like a fly on the wall - if the fly loved cracking jokes and telling people how to pose for the best picture. 


If you book me for an event, you will get 

  • A pre-shoot meeting for me to identify what you will want from this event and for you to get to know me better 

  • Build a storyboard to help us visualise the event 

  • Me, making everyone feel absolutely brilliant during the event

  • A selection of pictures from the event 

Contact me for more details or if you have any questions.

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