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One of my favourite things as a photographer is helping you bring out your Bad B!tch energy. You know that moment when you are truly feeling yourself and getting ready to conquer the world? Yes, that is the energy that I am talking about! 


And I want to help you utilise this energy for your personal branding - a way to show who you really are and what you are about. 


Many business owners struggle with channelling this through their work, and lack confidence when they step into their “workwear”. 


But the truth is, confidence in yourself and your business will ultimately lead to higher-paying customers and work that aligns with your vision. You will unapologetically get the clients and customers you dream of and show that you are here to deliver - like a bad b!tch! 


A Bad B!tch Photography session is more than just a photoshoot. This offer includes 

  • A consultation where we identify your pain points and what you want to convey through your channels 

  • A storyboard 

  • A fun and edgy photoshoot 

  • Coaching session to help you feel more confident

  • Looking through the pictures and choosing which ones are the best

  • 50 fully edited pictures 


Afterwards, you will 

  • Find that confidence you have in your personal life and bring it to your business without fear of failure 

  • Have a selection of edgy and fun images that show your sassy bad b!tch personality to use throughout your branding 

  • Get clients that respect you and are easy to work with, leaving room to take on more clients 

  • Be able to confidently raise your rates for new and current clients and drive your business forward because your brand looks professional

This photoshoot will be designed to your liking - we can focus on headshots or portraits, head out for some street photography, or jump into the comfort of your own home for a lifestyle photoshoot. The sky's the limit! And I will be with you as you reach for the stars. 

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Then you can message me for more details.

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