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Branding is such an important part of promoting your business - it is what will make you stand out and attract potential clients and customers. 


The vision for your brand is supposed to run through your business. From your communication, to your ideal clients and customers, to your design and the pictures you portray. 


And I am great at the pictures part! 


So with this offer I arrange a fun, edgy, and different photoshoot where you get to express yourself and POP. 


I will help you get photos that symbolise you and your business. I will make you feel strong and confident whilst capturing you in an environment that feels right for your brand.


Branding photography with me include

  • A consultation where we identify your pain points and what you want to convey through your channels 

  • A storyboard 

  • A fun and edgy photoshoot 

  • Looking through the pictures 

  • 50 fully edited pictures 


Afterwards you will 

  • Find that confidence you have in your personal life and bring it to your business without fear of failure 

  • Have a selection of edgy and fun images that align with your brand 

  • Get clients that respect you and are easy to work with, leaving room to take on more clients 

  • Be able to confidently raise your rates for new and current clients and drive your business forward because your brand looks professional

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